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The McKinley Square Community Association (MSCA) is a public communication and discussion group for community awareness regarding events and activities.  From simple events such as garage sales, lost pets, clean up days, to major community improvements and beautification, and other concerns such as crime in our neighborhood.

MSCA working with with SF Recreation & Parks Department was in a large part responsible for the replacement grass at McKinley Square is summer of 2009, but MSCA is not stopping there, as a community we need to work to keep our park, grass, and neighborhood in good care.

You are welcome and encouraged to join,  review, and contribute to our   public online  discussion forum and public meetings, and yearly elections. Public meetings are approximately bi-monthly.

If you ever have issues that require immediate attention at McKinely Square or the surrounding areas, first see if someone local can help, otherwise some phone numbers to keep in mind are:
Park Ranger (415) 242-6390
SF Police non-Emergency  (415) 553-0123
and of course 911

MSCA bylaws are posted here.