Dogs have been a contentious issue at McKinley Square.

Because the issue with dogs, the MSCA board, which is made of dog owners and non dog owners drafted a code of courtesy regarding courtesy issues at McKinley Square, which is as follows:

Dog owners Code of Courtesy
Please be mindful that we are sharing a small grass area with a variety of users: children, elders, visitors, and picnickers.
If there are people using the park, please use courtesy; ask if they mind interaction with your dog.
Relieve your dog on the hillside or elsewhere before entering grass area of McKinley Square.
Do not tread on the grass if it is wet from rain or sprinklers.
Wood chipped areas and hillside are designated dog play areas.
Clean up after your dog and other dogs as necessary.  A dog messy park reflects poorly on all dog owners.
Carry an extra dog bag; you never know when you or a fellow dog owner will need one.
If entering McKinley Square with dog off leash, enter only from south end (to wood chipped area).
Prevent digging and destructive behavior.
Keep your dog’s vaccinations and license current.