This is short term history. We are currently researching the longtime history of McKinley Square including soliciting pictures of the park and surround area.

But going back somewhat recently,  back in 2004 a group of individuals started planting flowers on hillside below McKinley Square.

The group became more formalized as a crime wave hit the community and started the online discussion group.

Today, this group has turned into 120+ diverse members of the community. Some have kids, some have dogs, some have both, some have neither, some have been on the Hill for years, some just recently, but all have interest in beautifying McKinley Square and the surrounding area.

In July of 2009, the community elected a board to formalize the organization of public meetings and interaction with San Francisco Recreation & Parks and other governmental agencies. Elected to the board were Christopher Irion, Tricia Lawrence, Jason Johnson, Susan Reiner-Lyon, Cris Rys, DB Spahn, Tom Strother, Susanna Upton and Jane Westfall.

In August of 2010, elections were held for community representation for the new coming year. Thank you for our community volunteers for the board. Mario Alfonso Diaz de la Rosa, Kelly Keith, Cris Rys, Susanna Upton, Jane Westfall

This MSCA board is made up of a diverse volunteers in the community, and have been sworn to act in the community's best interest.